Words Are Private Mirrors 5

-Dick Werthimer.


The Illustrations 13: Keep Calm

A reminder to myself, now that I’m in my Project Paper Crunch Time.

Outtakes From Survey Day

From Kuhaz.

So I finally kicked off Survey Day 1, nerves and thumb-twiddling involved. Ended up having to reorganize my plans for the train survey as I had previously overlooked several imperative factors while planning out the schedule, and it also took me a while to get over my fear of going up to strangers and interviewing them.

Yes, I’m kind of a chicken. It has nothing to do with being a private person. I’m just shy a chicken. Who also likes to eat chickens too.

However I must admit that interviewing strangers didn’t turn out so bad, and I thank God for that. Hence the lesson of the day is: I just need to be less of a chicken.

My beloved survey partners. Munshi (second picture), Kuhaz and Sue (third picture). And of course, me and my Sloppy Face.

I promise you, I can clean up well.

The KTM Komuter Ladies’ Coach is what I’m studying for my Masters Project Paper, more specifically on the passenger perception and train loading.

Do Not Litter In This Area.

From Munshi

Me and Sue going through the questionnaires at KL Sentral. More to distribute!


The Illustrations 12: Congratulations Sue

I am twiddling my thumbs and nervously expecting tomorrow, because tomorrow is Survey for Project Paper Day. Why am I nervous? You see, I have this innate fear of going up to strangers and initiating conversation (not that I’m anti-social) and this survey requires me to carry out something most feared in the life of a person like me: Questionnaire surveys.

*insert resigned face here.

Unfortunately this questionnaire survey is pivotal to my study, which is in turn pivotal to me graduating with my Masters; hence questionnaire survey=graduation. I desperately want my chance to be a Durmstrang student too (note: this is a Harry Potter reference. My graduation robes are red. If you read the 4th Harry Potter book, you would understand.) so I guess I should just suck it in, yes?

Speaking of graduations, this painting was done for Sue to commemorate her graduation (in which she became a Hogwarts student. Again, Harry Potter reference.)

In case you were wondering, the numbers are the date of her convocation. Not a lottery ticket number. I’m not sure how many numbers there are in a lottery ticket number.

What I Have Been Up To Recently 5: One Month Old

Went for Samir’s aqiqah and cukur jambul  on Sunday with Munshi,  Sue and Kuhaz. He slept all the way through!

Chowing down on the cupcake given as gifts; mine had the face of a baby boy. Sugary goodness indeed. Upon seeing my cupcake, Sue made the chagrined statement, ‘I don’t eat faces!’

I clearly didn’t have any such problems 😀

Munshi and his ‘baby face’.

Presenting Sue, Colgate’s latest spokesperson!

Thanks Kuhaz, for teaching me the importance of adjusting ISO for lighting in pictures! I’m such a SLR noob it’s not even funny 😛

Ida holding Samir, Emi holding Julian.

Me holding Samir. I needed the baby-holding practice, since I rarely hold any and I’m bound to find myself in need of baby-holding skills after my sister gives birth. Just like how I need to develop my SLR skills!

The Illustrations 11: Girl With BlackBerry

I’ve always admired illustrations where shading is used to define the subject and its features, so I chose to try it out as a departure from my previous paintings that made use of black outlines. I based the girl’s face on a picture of me, but then this resulted in a disembodied green head that looked like it was floating on the background (scary). So I painted on the hand holding the BlackBerry Curve 8520, which is what I’m using now; well actually the girl in the painting is meant to be me, but only as an allusion because I’m unfortunately terrible in painting exact portraits of people.

Currently Listening 2

Julien-K’s Death To Analog (2009). Favourite tracks: Kick The Bass, Nvr Say Nvr (their take on Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘Never Say Never’), Maestro, Futura (DTA Mix), Dystopian Girl, Technical Difficulties.

Foo Fighters’ new single Rope. Please come and perform in Malaysia! I’m going to be spectacularly broke but that sure wouldn’t compare to seeing them perform live, ever.